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what type of handmade rugs are Kelim?

Kelims are the most famous rugs across the whole handmade rug industry, especially the ones from Afghanistan, which I specialise in. They were the first types of handmade rugs made by desert Nomads as it was easy to carry around with them wherever they went on long journeys across Afghanistan.

 Kelims are quite uniquely woven by hand, they are flat weave, by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands, which means they do not have a pile like carpet, they are more like a tapestry, however much more durable and hard wearing. They are mainly woven by desert Nomads in Northern Afghanistan, called Mazar e Sharif and also by Uzbek weavers in Maimana. Maimana has been the centre for Afghan Kelims for centuries.

 What makes, Kelim so appealing is the various designs, predominantly geometric and the multiple connected diamond shaped medallions and the all over octagonal shapes. The colour pallet in Kelim has got to be one of the best, as they use all natural colours and very subtle and subdued which is quite pleasing to the eye. Kelims can really be the focal point of a room décor to liven up or enrich the surroundings. Kelims can be used as floor coverings, wall hanging, as spreads over pieces of furniture, table cloths and also cushion covers, and you are only limited by your imagination with usage.

Kelims come in many different colours and designs. some examples are below and there is a few more designs available.





Written by said sadath — August 12, 2016

Beautiful super kazaak sold to a very happy customer in Mt Martha

Beautiful Super Kazaak handmade rug, made of finest handspun sheep wool and vegetable natural dyes. It has taken 6 months to weave this magnificent rug by hand in the Northern region of Afghanistan, called Mazar -e- Sharif.




Written by said sadath — March 13, 2014