Samarkand Gallery


Samarkand Gallery

Samarkand Gallery evolved from Handmade Afghani Rugs (, due to more handmade product range and variety that we stock and sell. 


We started  in the year 2000, by importing handmade rugs from the war ravaged country Afghanistan, amazing and wonderful country of our origin, it amazes people to this day as to how this art form of rug making survived all these years of conflict, it did and it is still going very well and growing, and being exhibited in Domotex for a number of years.

After Afghanistan we went to India and were fascinated by the wonderful handicrafts they had been making for centuries, we brought and still bringing, handmade silver and gemstone jewellery, raw pieces of natural gemstones, wall hangings, bedspreads, cushions and handmade animal figurines made of wood and old antique furniture.

Also Kashmir, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan which gave us a very exciting collection of very fine silk rugs.

After these three fascinating countries, went to the heart of all things handmade and exotic, Turkey, where we brought handmade rugs, Hand-painted Turkish bowls, plates and so on and so forth. 

Recently in the year 2012 visited Nepal and fascinated by their jewellery and handmade felt ball rugs. Have been bringing these rugs since, which are very unique compared to all other handmade rugs.

Our handmade rug collection from Afghanistan, Turkey, Kashmir, Nepal, Persia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and India is excellent and should suit all tastes, home decorators, collectors and astute investors.

Every rug is individually selected ranging from rare tribal, nomadic village rugs to modern exquisite pieces which have been described as works of art.

All our handmade rugs come with certified valuation certificate, and we value and appraise all types of handmade rugs, including insurance quotes for all insurance companies.

It is our passion to keep on searching, visiting different countries and finding handmade products which are unique and beautiful and most importantly going to the source to make sure their is fair trade in all aspects of the process of making every product.  


Kelim (flatwoven rugs)